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Why Choose SA (Serviced Accommodations) Over Hotel?

Published on August 9, 2018 by Live In Leeds

Serviced apartments are growing steadily of late. It has been reported that in the UK, these apartments have grown by 2% in terms of overall occupancy which is at 78% and 3% in weekly rental. In spite of the continuous growth in their popularity, service accommodations are still a strange concept for some consumers in Leeds. Do you know how what distinguishes them from typical hotel accommodations? Here are 6 reasons to choose the serviced houses over typical hotels.

Basically, they are furnished houses for both long and short-term stays. They contain all the basic amenities but they differ in space, price range, length of stay, and privacy. The services apartments allow you to relax as you enjoy a bigger space and unmatched privacy. If you are a business executive who continuously lives out often, you should appreciate this type of luxury. It is like having another home away from home. In a typical serviced room, there is a TV, a bathroom, telephone, bed, tea facilities, etc. These rooms may be isolated but they offer better accommodation than traditional hotel stays. You can relax in your room without closing the door and cook a favorite meal in a distinguishable kitchen. Basically, you do what you normally do at home.

a. Unparalleled privacy
You get to enjoy complete privacy during your stay. Whether you like breakfast in bed or outside, feel free to have it in your own apartment. Your rooms will be furnished with all the complimentary amenities like fresh milk, cereals, coffee, etc. If you like, you may pre-order the breakfast at the restaurant if you don’t want to cook for yourself.

b. Homey feel
A serviced facility is the best place to feel at home. You don’t want to miss your comfort while away. That is why the apartments are stocked with state-of-the-art TV packages in addition to speedy and reliable wireless networks. These amenities are usually free to use for the entire period you’ll be staying in the apartment. You don’t need to share the washing machine with others clients. Similarly, you get to use the iron and the ironing board whenever you want.

c. Excellent customer service
Do you like being taken care of? The job of the servicemen here is to make you happy with great customer service. They are happy to provide guidance on the best places to visit in Leeds and airline bookings.

d. You get your chores done
You will not do a single chore in a serviced accommodation facility. The comfortable bed is made for you before you get to the hotel and someone will tidy up the kitchen for you before you leave.

e. Light travels
You want the easiest life during travels. If you book a serviced apartment, you don’t need to carry towels, whether you like them fluffy or just robes. Toiletries are provided. There is fresh coffee any time you want from the espresso machine.

• Ability to choose how you eat out
If you are a BBQ buff, you can use a grill in a well-furnished kitchen. Or you could order a takeaway dinner at a local restaurant. You can choose whatever you fancy, if you choose to order the meals, you will enjoy a dining space and cuisines which are totally different from a hotel setting.

Serviced accommodations are often referred to as boutique apart hotels. These accommodations give the best of what common hotels provide with a focus on non-corporate atmosphere, privacy, design, great service, and posh feel.

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