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Trending lifestyle in Leeds

Published on August 9, 2018 by Live In Leeds

Leeds may not be as popular as Manchester or London, but it is often rated as the best region to stay in the UK due to a number of factors such as low cost of living, high employment rate, and entertainment. Want to know the current trends of lifestyle in Leeds? We’ll walk you through how it is like to live in this district of West Yorkshire today.

If you want to meet the best retailers in the UK, come to Leeds. They are generally off the scale and not far from each other. The shopping experience in Leeds is a bit overwhelming with everything being up a notch especially at Uber Modern Trinity shopping center which hosts renowned occupants including Victoria’s Secret and Apple. Unlike the common shopping experience, you will find historical arcades here which are home to famous designers such as Harvey Nichols and Louis Vuitton. If you love shopping, you will be more excited by Victoria Gate where shopping enthusiasts flock these days.

Home and lifestyle trends
Every year, there is always something new homeowners look forward to. Today, there are must-have features or wish lists we can review pertaining to interior decors and house models. As 2018 moves to its second half, residential builders, designers, and architects face the challenge of coming up with the features that the current homebuyers are looking for. The interior décor trends are shifting at an alarming rate while home plan designs are moving at a slower but steadier rate. Features that were highly sought-after a few years ago no longer appeal to most people e.g. big showers instead of bathtubs, outdoor living spaces, and open floor plans. Some homeowners are still looking for them but in conjunction with newer trends when renovating their old residences.

While energy-efficient and eco-friendly styles continue to be famous in Leeds life, homebuyers are leaning more towards practicality and comfort instead of flamboyant design features. Technology is bound to stay and will always be incorporated into homes. There are smart glass applications that are being released to allow homeowners to tint glazing electronically and reach up to 99% opacity. This trend is eliminating the need for curtains, shades, and blinds.

Another hottest trend in home design is the transitional farmhouse. The contemporary farmhouses feature metal roofs, main floor master suites, and light-colored vertical sliding. Who knew that the farmhouses would step into the 21st Century? It is loved for its simple clean lines and a homey feel. When modern amenities are added to a farmhouse in Leeds, no homebuyer can resist the updated style.

No way can you struggle to find a food point in Leeds. But what is the current cuisine lifestyle in Leeds? If you want to eat out in one of the world’s most famous restaurant chain with a broad spectrum of cuisines, the city center is the place to be. Nonetheless, street food seems to be getting everyone’s stomach rumbling.  Street dishes are making a comeback hence many restaurants and bars are offering them as the main attraction. Interestingly, it is now referred to as indoor street food. Every six weeks or so, the bustling Trinity Kitchen changes its food vans so that customers never lack multiple choices.

Leftovers are another trending lifestyle in the city. Food waste issue has been a huge concern this year given that the United Kingdom is the top food waster in Europe, throwing away 10M tonnes of foods every year. There has been a wave of inventive forums that are discouraging food wastage e.g. food wastage supermarket, food waste supper clubs restaurants.

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