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Nightlife in Leeds

How would you like to end your unforgettable days in Leeds? The Observer voted Leeds as the most epic place for a night out in England. The thriving music scene, an endless selection of bars, and strong drinking culture don’t disappoint one bit.

Cultural nights

Perhaps you don’t like heavy drinking in which case you can enjoy a cultural evening in the vibrant city. Cultural nights in Leeds encompass comedy, live music, opera, ballet, and dance shows. There are plenty of comedy venues where renowned comedians make epic nights. Remember that Leeds is also home to a diverse collection of music festivals like Live at Leeds, Beacons Metro, and Leeds Festival.

Nightclubs and bars

The big clubs and bars are the liveliest places for night outs. You can choose a hub with your ideal choice of music. For a low-key night, grab a relaxed bar or pub at Briggate while the Millennium Square is the right place for upscale cocktails. If you study in Leeds, you will find great hubs to socialize in and grab cheap meals and drinks e.g. the outdoor beer garden where you can soak up the summer heat with a cold refreshing drink.


You can easily get around on foot in Leeds. The pedestrianised city centre is made more secure by Street Angles, a volunteering organisation that looks after people as they enjoy their nights. The unique taxi marshals in Leeds are located at key destinations just to see people arriving at their homes safely. Without a question, Leeds is the place to be when you want to see life after dark. The environment is safe and clean to ensure unforgettable nightlife in Yorkshire. Enjoy the unexpected pubs with big-time DJ and dance till dawn.

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